Stripes Really? How to Be Bold and Beautiful


Yes really, you can look beautiful in stripes, I saw this illustration photo and it really caught my eye and I thought to share with you. To be honest I have never been a stripes person until recently.

All three dresses look great but you have to work out what look and shape wears well with your body shape. for me only two will work well the one shoulder is definitely not for me but it looks so sexy for the right body shape. The other two will sure get me compliments and am sure they will look great too on most body shapes.

When it comes to clothes, there are colours I don’t like at all but to tell you the truth I don’t think I have favourite colour. If I see something I like or something catches my eye I try it on and that is how I have been able to get clothes that have always had me complimented every time.

Stripes are so synonymous with warm weather, they have an edge when worn right and they complement your shape perfectly.

Wear your favourite colours or try your not so favourite and see what the girl in the mirror says. 

Be bold and try out pieces and styles which you always told yourself nooo no give it a go and just venture into the unknown it feels great and can be very liberating .


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