The little dress with a wow factor


The reason I chose this dress is to share and let you see, that you do not need to always go for the norm, try something out of the ordinary. I  am a huge fan of TK Maxx because I know I will always find something different from any other shop and am patient, you will have to be it’s not like any other shop and that is why its the first shop I visit.

When am shopping the first thing I look for is, something I haven’t seen before, by this I mean something been added to make it different, then I try and see how it fits to my body shape And most important of all hear what the girl looking back at me in the mirror says, if she says wow! that’s me sorted.

My dresses from TK Maxx cost me between £20 and £30 and they get me complimented in three of the world’s top designer cities,  London, LA and New York.

I love this dress because the cut sets your body free, you are not restricted and it just hugely complements your body perfectly.

This type of dress will be great for work and would suit office meetings, business lunch, or any other important appointments instead of  wearing the boring trouser suits. It will be different and will make you stand out in a good way and you will look great.


2 thoughts on “The little dress with a wow factor

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