Just Love This – Simple & beautiful

canstockphoto13964405 I love simplicity in clothes and this skirt and top are just that. The block colours match perfectly. You will for sure get compliments when you wear this and if you have long legs it just adds a wow factor with killer hills. It’s easy to find similar skirts and tops in places like Asos, Very.co.uk and Boohoo.com. This simple but elegant combination will defiantly wow people and its one of those cutting edge wardrobe pieces that you will be proud to use season after season regardless. Keep breaking the fashion rules to get it right for YOU be inspired by the beauty all around us to get the perfect fit and style for your body shape. This style can also be great for a longer length skirt just above the knee for those who are not comfortable with a mini skirt. This style is playful but smart and comfortable at the same time and can be worn for office, casual or evening. As the weather changes keep your legs covered in tights possibly black and wear with your favourite shoes or boots. Keep adding splash of colour to you wardrobe and make your own colour block to suit you.


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