Spice Up Your Maxi Skirt


I love maxi skirts the added design on this skirt caught my eye. Maxi skirts work very well with tucked in tops and shirts and if you love belts like me then add it on, or wear the belt over the top make sure it’s a short top. If you need a jacket choose a short one, a leather biker jacket will also look great too.

Maxi skirts made with breathable lightweight fabric are great in summer and I love the jersey fabric in autumn and winter.

Try not to wear clothes as advertised break the Fashion rules revisit your wardrobe and look all around you especially now that we have butterflies everywhere look how well their colours match get inspired.

I don’t think any wardrobe would be complete without a maxi skirt, what’s great bout maxi skirts they can be worn both casual and formal and they are perfect for dinner parties.

Maxi skirts are easy to put together a perfect look, try out with different tops, waist belts, loose hanging belts and short blazers. Most maxi skirts when put together right will complement most body shapes perfectly.

Get a good maxi skirt that will take you from season to season. There are so many shops that you can get a good maxi skirt for very reasonable prices. I shop mine from Asos.com, very.co.uk and Boohoo.com for a steal.

Have you ever asked yourself why so many women love maxi skirts, in summer with flip flops, autumn and winter with boots, give it a try you never going back.


3 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Maxi Skirt

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