How To Make Pleated Skirt Look Great On You


This flirty pretty pleated skirt is a must have investment piece. Make it work for you by selecting the length that suits you best, wear it with a camisole or sleeveless top tuck it in and add a thin belt. Select a short jacket as on photo.

You can also use colour block on this type of style, which I will be bringing you from time to time because I love, love colour blocking, start to explore try out what catches your eye and take a look at the girl in the mirror if she says wow! then you know you got it right girl.

If you got problems choosing what with what or about colour block contact me and send the details of your pieces and will let you know how I would go about it.

Visit your wardrobe when you have time to spare, get all the pieces out on the bed and on the floor start matching them with what you never would before, throw fashion rules out of the window then try them on. If you are not too sure take photos if possible show them to your friends or Family members ask them what they think.

The reason I suggest this is because we go buying all the time forgetting to keep revisiting our wardrobes and closets and start looking for those pieces we haven’t worn for a while and see what we can do to revive them and put them into good use.

Am a huge fun of pleated short skirt its a classic look when matched well with a tank. The elegance and beauty of a pleated skirt makes a great addition to your wardrobe and will get you complimented all the time am a witness to that.


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