How Nature Creates Your Wardrobe



Getting wardrobe creative comes from what is all around us. Start your own wardrobe creations that will get you complimented. Revisit your wardrobe and get out those pieces you have not wore for a while and start working out your creations.

Check out the fresh vegetable colours in your fridge, Fruits, trees, birds, butterflies, see work of art in action and get ideas to make your wardrobe an art gallery. Substitute your usual colours to the ones you would never think of, steer away from white and black replace them with green, lemon, soft pink for your wardrobe basics.

Start co-ordinating your wardrobe to be interchangeable, and stylish. Buy quality pieces that will become your wardrobe staples, you can get quality pieces that will not cost you the earth if you shop where I do my shopping,, TK Maxx, and Amazon.

Have a good and happy relationship with your wardrobe and don’t forget to invest in good hangers to tidy up your wardrobe as the look counts in how you feel when you open the wardrobe door.

The first and most important fashion rule, anything that does not make you feel good about yourself has to go donate or give away.


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