Mad about Shirt Dresses


My love for shirt dress started way back when I did not have a clue what they were called. I have loved and treasured shirt dress for as long as I can remember, they are easy to put on and best when going for shopping when you have to try on clothes.

Shirt dresses are perfect for any weather and are great to wear with any type of shoes, wedges, killer heels, mid heels, and winter boots.

You can easily find shirt dress in high street shops, H&M, TK Maxx and major Department stores such as Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser and John Lewis, hold on for the sale to get a wardrobe piece that will take you from year to year.

If you travel to New York or if you live in the US the best place I go to is Macy’s, I have shirt dresses I bought way back in 2007,2008 and most recently 2012 I have had compliments on all the pieces every time I wear them and I got them for les than $30 dollars each.

Shirt dresses are incredibly chic and perfect for everyday wear. If you never tried shirt dress before give it try and hear what the girl in the mirror says if the word is wow! then you have discovered another great look that will not only make you feel great but will get you complimented.


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