My Handbag Heaven


My handbag heaven! I call it so because I love my handbags and the bigger the better.

Handbags make statements and if you wear and carry them well you do stand out people will notice especially women if I see you with a handbag that I notice I always compliment and let you know you got it girl.

My love for handbags started when I was about seven years old (have a photo to prove it) but started my fashion sense in secondary school when I saved money for two years to buy myself  big tote white handbag and have been at it since, small bags do not do it for me now.

I believe ‘the handbag’ is the accessory that completes and finishes your look get it right and you look JUST perfect. Big handbags add a wow factor to any outfit

Yes some designer handbags are just too expensive but if you are like me, you like bargains but good quality then you will find excellent good handbags not necessarily designer in other places like River Island,, TK Maxx. I buy mine from these shops and I get complimented and everybody wants my handbag which cost me less than £40, so you can get a quality tote handbags at very reasonable prices.

If you do love big handbags like me and I would like to hear from you where you buy yours and why you love them so much please share am addicted to tote handbags.


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