Halleluya Another Handbag

180780_in_lAnother one of my favourites yes I have something about tote bags and why not am sure there are so many of us out there so lets celebrate, celebrate? big handbags a bit crazy that’s how I know am addicted to tote handbags.

I would very much like to set up a Handbag gallery so I can have a smile on my face every time I look at my gallery. I am so obsessed with the style and colours that stand out.

When going for big handbags try and carry one that contradicts your out fit don’t match it with the clothes let it stand out. Be fashion conscious and create your personal look that suits you not how everyone is or wants you to look.

I don’t match handbag and shoes any more I find it too old fashioned and too obvious but don’t get me wrong because its ok to match it just that kind of match is not for me any more. What I do like matching is a thin belt to a handbag.

When am dressed down I usually carry my big tote handbag and find that it makes a huge difference in making me look quite well dressed so the big ones are part of me and do love them honestly.


One thought on “Halleluya Another Handbag

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