Simple Perfect style


My usual odd ways of putting together an outfit, getting compliments and thinking she just noticed me but she has no idea what her compliments means to me. Compliments takes me and gives me joy and confidence I cant explain. And the thank you I say cannot in any way explain my appreciation and joy not just because of the compliments but to know there is such good people all around us.

Where do I find simple clothes that look different and have that wow factor and  get me complimented all the time? You may not believe this but I shop in Amazon, TK Maxx  and in New York I shop in Macy’s and TJ Maxx.

Fitting dress is perfect with tote bag and looks great with knee length boots and yes killer heels. I find dresses and big handbags a big winner for me. I have never been complimented when in trousers or complimented someone in one but yes for skirts and dresses, may be just me.

When do you find you get most complimented? Then that is your perfect style, concentrate more on what gets you compliments and every time the girl in the mirror say wow! then you know.


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