Little Modern Dress With a Vintage Look


Shaw me any woman’s body shape that will not look great in one of this little vintage look dresses. These two little dresses will get you compliments all the time. For this chilly season wear the orange black with a short waistline jacket or cardigan, add a thin belt and the grey black wear a long cardigan, for both wear tights ankle boots or mid heels and you are ready to go.

If you like these vintage looks or you like modern dresses with a vintage touch, then check out for bargains at amazon you will be amazed and am sure you will get something that fits your budget and more importantly something that will complement your body before anyone compliments you.

What I have noticed every dress, gown, trouser, jacket, in actual fact every item of clothing has a vintage touch to them some more noticeable than others. So your choice depends whether you are more of vintage girl or more modern girl, am more of the modern with a vintage touch.

I extend my love for dresses to all areas in mixing up vintage look with a modern look (vintage top with modern skirt or vintage skirt with modern top)  this gives me a unique look that gets me complimented, give it a go and see what you think or what other people say or most of all what does the girl in the mirror say back to you?


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