Dress Me Up And Please My Wardrobe


Like I said in the beginning of the week am a dress addict so these are some more of my favourite pieces which I thought to share with you and let you know how I build up my dress wardrobe piece by piece on a steal.

I do a lot of window shopping and then wait for the sale in places like House of Fraser, Very.co.uk, Asos.com. In TK Maxx their prices are always great I buy dresses for less than £30 and if I go for a stretch not more than £40.

Some of my dresses have lasted me more than 7 years or more and I still get compliments, so you do not have to spend a fortune to build your wardrobe with great pieces.

I always wear what looks good on me not what is in season, try and break the fashion rules and go with what is pleasing you than what you are being told to wear.

Amazon.com is another great place to find bargains with clothes from Lipsy, Firetrap, Louche, and many, many more depending on your budget and taste of clothes.

I f you want pieces that are great and which will last you for a long time take time to look as there are so many places now to shop good pieces. And don’t shop all at one go every season comes with great clothes so take your time and get those that pleases you and looks great on you.


3 thoughts on “Dress Me Up And Please My Wardrobe

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