How To Dare You In Fashion-Colour Block At It’s Best


I love, love colour block and more so in Autumn/Winter this makes me retain colour not to look so boring with so called winter colours. So if you are not shy of colour whatever the weather try colour block dresses, and skirts. Always wear what looks good and pleases you not what is in fashion and you will get complimented all the time, so please YOU and the joy will show in how you feel and look.

Try updating your wardrobe by adding colour block pieces, the pieces will take you and look great on you in any weather. You can get great block pieces from TK Maxx, House of Fraser,,

I find animals, birds and butterflies with the best colour block on this planet their colours much so well so whenever possible try and look all around you and you will see the world we live in will direct you how best to do your colour block.

If you want to try colour block its easy, try colours you would never thought of putting together, see what the you in the mirror says if its wow! then your journey to new you have just started, keep discovering you in doing things differently. You will find people will keep saying to you “oh that is nice I would never thought of that, you look great”.




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