How Do You Suit Up? My Kind Of Women Suit


I have never been a suit person even when I worked in the co-operate world. But once in a while I come across suits that make me go wow! give me a bit of that please! yes exactly what you see here is my kind of suits. The stunning look of sophistication makes the suit look fab not the boring usual work suits that we all know about.

Get to wear the kind of clothes you like and those that makes you look great not what you are told is in season. These so called work suits make most women look unapproachable and are very unflattering.

The shops to find unusual suits or suits that are great and nothing like the men suits, try, TK Maxx and if you cant find what you are looking for try buying stylish skirts and match up with stylish jackets and you will come up with a fantastic suit that’s  much better looking.

If you choose well, women skirts suits will give your body shape a very stylish look that will get you complimented for having something different from the norm and looks great on you and you will feel so proud as you did put them together. So give it a go start trying to put together what you like or what you always wish you could find in the shops but you never do you might or you will surprise yourself in a very good way.


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