Thursday and Friday Favourites


My favourite days of the week are Thursday and Friday and this is how I like to dress. On Thursday I pick the outfit that is out of the ordinary like the outfit on the left something that makes me feel wow! smart, different and ooh yes! like am on the catwalk. And on Friday I like being smart, more casual than formal more like a Saturday but smart like the photo on the right.

Do you have outfits, dresses or pieces of clothing you like to wear on certain days of the week? Do you find yourself being complimented or commented on when you have them on? Fashion is you being as artistic as you can. Let yourself shine with what you feel brings out the best of you. Do not make fashion mistakes by being told what to wear and what not to,  let the you in the mirror decide and if she says wow! there is your first compliment.

If you like the look of the outfit and casual smart wear my favourites places to shop are,, TK Maxx, you can also find them from other more expensive shops but I tend to shop where you can always pick something special for a steal.


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