Just Want’s to Give a cheer – it’s Manic Monday


Hello Monday you cant put me down when I can cheer me with lovely TOTE Handbags. I love big handbags, even when you think you are not at your best in choosing your dress or outfit of the day the big bag will do it for you. Make the right choice and you have arrived, choose the one that is completely  different from the colour of the clothes for the day.

Handbag make the dress, so even when in a hurry grab the tote handbag and it will sort you out. The beauty of handbags can be very impressive and will always add charm to whatever you wear, make sure you curry or wear it in style and in confidence.

There are places to shop very fashionable handbags without braking a bank, my favourites are TK Maxx, Boohoo.com, Asos.com and River Island.

Compliment your wear of the day with great tote handbag and you will look as cool as cucumber. You will always be complimented when you curry your fashion well with the right and most fashionable accessory the Tote Handbag.


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