Body Con Dress that says move out of the way!

I_186301100_00_20130626I_184722279_00_20130523 There is something really special about body con dresses and it make me go mmmmm wow! If you got it, I mean the body and shape for the body con dress then go girl and walk the walk like you own the world. Body con dresses are made for most women body shapes, the trick is finding the right cut and fabric. If you yes me and others, please check out for stretch fabric and if possible take a size higher. I am size 10 but I find body con dresses fit me well in size 12. Yes not everyone can wear them but if you can, this is one dress that rarely goes out fashion. Pair it up with a pair of court shoes, medium size earrings, and a clutch bag or if you are like me grab a tote handbag depending on where you are going. Body con looks great on most women because they wear the right kind under the dress. Look for the undergarments that will smooth you up and give you a wow silhouette then get your body con dress on and ask the girl in the mirror, if the she gives compliments and adds wow! then go rule the world.  


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