Happy Tuesday Lets talk Smart Casual

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I think women look their best and best relaxed when in smart casual. Whatever you prefer whether dresses, skirts or trousers it is how you wear you choice that counts. If you choose a dress, wear it with a perfect blazer, if your choice is skirt the choice of your top must be the right fit to make your look smart casual, and if your choice is trousers make it count by wearing trousers that fit your body perfectly the top must complement your look and give you a wow smart casual look.

These days am always in smart casual and I find people like to compliment me more than when I used to be in formal wear.

Shop well for what you like and give yourself a distinctive look to your personality and improve your mood. You can make smart casual look very sophiscated and be perfect for office and work.

My favourite places to shop for smart casual are Asos.com, Boohoo.com, TK Maxx very.co.uk and River Island. Whatever or wherever you like to shop when shopping for smart casual make sure you complement the pieces well so they get you complimented every time.