A few of my favourite Chistmas Day dresses x


How are you with your choice for Christmas day dress? What do you like to wear? I am one of those people who wear what looks best and fits me well not what I am going to buy, if I have something really special in my wardrobe that is what I grab.

I would suggest you wear what locks your world, something that is comfortable complements your body and just looks great on you.

With a few parties still to go, I came up with a few favourite dresses that you will not break a bank to get and treat yourself. And most shops are having great sales with fantastic pieces that you can get for a steal.

You can get gorgeous dresses at this time of the year, remember the sales after Christmas, you might not get your size as we all know it is split for whoever gets there first.

Hey and if you are one of those people who likes just to chill on Christmas day, there are beautiful and very stylish play suits leggings which you can pick your favourite top or jersey.

This is one day in a year pick well enjoy the day dance you life away sing, laugh at yourself and laugh with your loved ones.


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