Wow Wow Wow! Love, Love the Look x


Its just great to see girls and the young at heart who wear shorts, jumpsuit, leggings wear them well and wear them just right. This young look is always a great look and admirable and stylish and so so beautiful.

Wearing short pieces of clothing whether shorts, mini skirts, dresses it is good to remember the upper part of the body looks great when covered and the same when you wear long dresses, maxi skirts, mid skirts, maxi dresses the upper part of the body looks great when it is shows and a bit revealing doing this complements your look. Try this kind of wear and do exactly that and the girl at the mirror will smile back at you saying wow, wow, wow you look great Girl.

If you find yourself getting compliments from friends, family members, strangers and different people from all walks of life then you know you are doing something right. Always check with the girl in the mirror if she says I love that and you find her checking herself again and saying wow then put your head up and walk like a star you are.

My daughter Dianne loves to wear shorts and I always like how she wears them she knows how to do it just right and what suits her and I always tell her so. When you wear or put on something well that suits and complements your body perfectly you just feel and know it. Start complementing your body today. x


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