Who is the person behind Fashion Compliments?

First Things First,what I will be sharing with you:

  • How to put together outfits that will get you complimented
  • How you too can look great on a very small budget
  • How the girl in the mirror will keep saying WOW! back to you
  • Where I buy my clothes at unbelievably low, low prices and guess what? they get me complimented all the time.

So who is me?

My name is Lucy Ebau and have spent most of my life behind office desk being miserable about office politics more than anything else, hoping that one day I will share my love of Fashion and just TALK, TALK and TALK FASHION to anyone with the same passion.

My love for fashion started when I was very young, ha big deal! But here comes the big one I bought my first fashion item at 13 years old having saved for 2 years, a white big (Tote) handbag, my sister Grace had to interrogate me for hours to make sure it was actually my money I had used as it was an heard off for someone my age to afford such an item.

pictures 054My mother was a real fashionista she wore knee length beautiful dresses and had this big fur handbag which I have noticed a huge come back in the last few years. My grandmother wore one shoulder kanga type dress joined together with huge safety pins all through, accessorizing with huge necklace and huge hula hoop size earrings 4 on each ear, yes 4 really. Now you know why I have so much passion about fashion it’s in my blood.


  • In my head I call me Fashionista Fool, don’t know why
  • I love baking but don’t know how
  • The real reason I watch programs and movies is to check out what people are wearing.
  • I love looking at beautiful things most of those I cannot afford.
  • I like reading fiction books so if for any reason I start crying I remind me it’s all crap.
  • Every time am in two of the world’s top fashion cities LA and New york I get lots of compliments for dresses that cost me £20 or less.
  • Am a Newspaper addict.
  • My father introduced me to reading newspapers from a very early age,we used to leave in the farm and he worked in the capital city,he could only manage to come home on weekends and brought home the whole week newspapers,this made me the happiest girl ever I read them front to back and cut out anything resembling fashion been, hooked to this day.
  • I make it my mission to compliment people who look good in what they wear.
  • I wear what looks good on me not what is in fashion.
  • I never bought a music album until Emile Sandy, love every one of her songs.

pictures 095What the Compliments have taught me so far

You should express yourself with what suits you not whats on trend

Learn to reveal your assets and conceal your flaws

Go with what looks good on you, not whats good on somebody else

Experiment to see what suits you best

Don’t shy away from color







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