Wow Wow Wow! Love, Love the Look x


Its just great to see girls and the young at heart who wear shorts, jumpsuit, leggings wear them well and wear them just right. This young look is always a great look and admirable and stylish and so so beautiful.

Wearing short pieces of clothing whether shorts, mini skirts, dresses it is good to remember the upper part of the body looks great when covered and the same when you wear long dresses, maxi skirts, mid skirts, maxi dresses the upper part of the body looks great when it is shows and a bit revealing doing this complements your look. Try this kind of wear and do exactly that and the girl at the mirror will smile back at you saying wow, wow, wow you look great Girl.

If you find yourself getting compliments from friends, family members, strangers and different people from all walks of life then you know you are doing something right. Always check with the girl in the mirror if she says I love that and you find her checking herself again and saying wow then put your head up and walk like a star you are.

My daughter Dianne loves to wear shorts and I always like how she wears them she knows how to do it just right and what suits her and I always tell her so. When you wear or put on something well that suits and complements your body perfectly you just feel and know it. Start complementing your body today. x


Dress Up Your Work- Wardrobe


If you like to be smart in the office and have something different from the norm then this is your kind of wardrobe pieces. These kind of dresses will give you a feminine touch and the perfect fit which will make you look great and very smart at the same time.

You will find these great wardrobe pieces in House of Fraser at very affordable prices during sale and they will take you from season to season. If you really want to perfect your dress wardrobe take time to shop and get the pieces that will complement your body before anyone compliments you.

Check out the colours that look great and really complements your skin perfectly. There are other great places you can look out for good dresses such as,, and TK Maxx, these are the places I shop and get complimented every time and  don’t spend a fortune and I mean great deals  always, never spend over £39.99 and sometimes much, much less – £20.

Start building a great dress wardrobe by knowing when and where to buy and getting it right for your body shape. Just check yourself in the mirror and see what the girl in the mirror says back to you, then you know what really suits you.

Seasons come and go but great pieces will be there for a long time to come. Whenever your wear a great piece no one will ask you what season you bought it they will just compliment you on how good you look.

How to Put Together Your Perfect Office – Dress Wardrobe


Since I am a dress addict thought I put together and share with you some of the dresses that been part of my office wear and guess what? got me complimented all the time by both women and men.

When choosing your dress wear for the office try getting the one that brings out the best fit for your body shape. To find lovely office wear dresses that will look great and don’t cost you the earth, check  out at TK Maxx, Dorothy Perkins,, House of Fraser.  Yes I pick up bargains at House of Fraser when on sale, you find dresses from £135 down to £35 that is what I call a steal.

If you want to build or update your wardrobe with chic dresses pretty blouses and lovely jersey tops there is no better time to do it than when the sales are on. And make sure you window shop before the sale starts so you know where to get your favourite pieces before they disappear.

To get fashion forward look for feminine designs with a boutique feel and flattering feminine dresses in luxurious fabrics. You can never go wrong with wrap dresses which would look great with a belted mac and a statement bag and compliments will be flying your way.

Just set up a cutting edge wardrobe without breaking a bank.

Little Modern Dress With a Vintage Look


Shaw me any woman’s body shape that will not look great in one of this little vintage look dresses. These two little dresses will get you compliments all the time. For this chilly season wear the orange black with a short waistline jacket or cardigan, add a thin belt and the grey black wear a long cardigan, for both wear tights ankle boots or mid heels and you are ready to go.

If you like these vintage looks or you like modern dresses with a vintage touch, then check out for bargains at amazon you will be amazed and am sure you will get something that fits your budget and more importantly something that will complement your body before anyone compliments you.

What I have noticed every dress, gown, trouser, jacket, in actual fact every item of clothing has a vintage touch to them some more noticeable than others. So your choice depends whether you are more of vintage girl or more modern girl, am more of the modern with a vintage touch.

I extend my love for dresses to all areas in mixing up vintage look with a modern look (vintage top with modern skirt or vintage skirt with modern top)  this gives me a unique look that gets me complimented, give it a go and see what you think or what other people say or most of all what does the girl in the mirror say back to you?

Simple Perfect style


My usual odd ways of putting together an outfit, getting compliments and thinking she just noticed me but she has no idea what her compliments means to me. Compliments takes me and gives me joy and confidence I cant explain. And the thank you I say cannot in any way explain my appreciation and joy not just because of the compliments but to know there is such good people all around us.

Where do I find simple clothes that look different and have that wow factor and  get me complimented all the time? You may not believe this but I shop in Amazon, TK Maxx  and in New York I shop in Macy’s and TJ Maxx.

Fitting dress is perfect with tote bag and looks great with knee length boots and yes killer heels. I find dresses and big handbags a big winner for me. I have never been complimented when in trousers or complimented someone in one but yes for skirts and dresses, may be just me.

When do you find you get most complimented? Then that is your perfect style, concentrate more on what gets you compliments and every time the girl in the mirror say wow! then you know.

Mad about Shirt Dresses


My love for shirt dress started way back when I did not have a clue what they were called. I have loved and treasured shirt dress for as long as I can remember, they are easy to put on and best when going for shopping when you have to try on clothes.

Shirt dresses are perfect for any weather and are great to wear with any type of shoes, wedges, killer heels, mid heels, and winter boots.

You can easily find shirt dress in high street shops, H&M, TK Maxx and major Department stores such as Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser and John Lewis, hold on for the sale to get a wardrobe piece that will take you from year to year.

If you travel to New York or if you live in the US the best place I go to is Macy’s, I have shirt dresses I bought way back in 2007,2008 and most recently 2012 I have had compliments on all the pieces every time I wear them and I got them for les than $30 dollars each.

Shirt dresses are incredibly chic and perfect for everyday wear. If you never tried shirt dress before give it try and hear what the girl in the mirror says if the word is wow! then you have discovered another great look that will not only make you feel great but will get you complimented.

How Nature Creates Your Wardrobe



Getting wardrobe creative comes from what is all around us. Start your own wardrobe creations that will get you complimented. Revisit your wardrobe and get out those pieces you have not wore for a while and start working out your creations.

Check out the fresh vegetable colours in your fridge, Fruits, trees, birds, butterflies, see work of art in action and get ideas to make your wardrobe an art gallery. Substitute your usual colours to the ones you would never think of, steer away from white and black replace them with green, lemon, soft pink for your wardrobe basics.

Start co-ordinating your wardrobe to be interchangeable, and stylish. Buy quality pieces that will become your wardrobe staples, you can get quality pieces that will not cost you the earth if you shop where I do my shopping,, TK Maxx, and Amazon.

Have a good and happy relationship with your wardrobe and don’t forget to invest in good hangers to tidy up your wardrobe as the look counts in how you feel when you open the wardrobe door.

The first and most important fashion rule, anything that does not make you feel good about yourself has to go donate or give away.