Just Want’s to Give a cheer – it’s Manic Monday


Hello Monday you cant put me down when I can cheer me with lovely TOTE Handbags. I love big handbags, even when you think you are not at your best in choosing your dress or outfit of the day the big bag will do it for you. Make the right choice and you have arrived, choose the one that is completely  different from the colour of the clothes for the day.

Handbag make the dress, so even when in a hurry grab the tote handbag and it will sort you out. The beauty of handbags can be very impressive and will always add charm to whatever you wear, make sure you curry or wear it in style and in confidence.

There are places to shop very fashionable handbags without braking a bank, my favourites are TK Maxx, Boohoo.com, Asos.com and River Island.

Compliment your wear of the day with great tote handbag and you will look as cool as cucumber. You will always be complimented when you curry your fashion well with the right and most fashionable accessory the Tote Handbag.


Thursday and Friday Favourites


My favourite days of the week are Thursday and Friday and this is how I like to dress. On Thursday I pick the outfit that is out of the ordinary like the outfit on the left something that makes me feel wow! smart, different and ooh yes! like am on the catwalk. And on Friday I like being smart, more casual than formal more like a Saturday but smart like the photo on the right.

Do you have outfits, dresses or pieces of clothing you like to wear on certain days of the week? Do you find yourself being complimented or commented on when you have them on? Fashion is you being as artistic as you can. Let yourself shine with what you feel brings out the best of you. Do not make fashion mistakes by being told what to wear and what not to,  let the you in the mirror decide and if she says wow! there is your first compliment.

If you like the look of the outfit and casual smart wear my favourites places to shop are Asos.com, very.co.uk, TK Maxx, Boohoo.com you can also find them from other more expensive shops but I tend to shop where you can always pick something special for a steal.

How Do You Suit Up? My Kind Of Women Suit


I have never been a suit person even when I worked in the co-operate world. But once in a while I come across suits that make me go wow! give me a bit of that please! yes exactly what you see here is my kind of suits. The stunning look of sophistication makes the suit look fab not the boring usual work suits that we all know about.

Get to wear the kind of clothes you like and those that makes you look great not what you are told is in season. These so called work suits make most women look unapproachable and are very unflattering.

The shops to find unusual suits or suits that are great and nothing like the men suits, try Asos.com, TK Maxx and if you cant find what you are looking for try buying stylish skirts and match up with stylish jackets and you will come up with a fantastic suit that’s  much better looking.

If you choose well, women skirts suits will give your body shape a very stylish look that will get you complimented for having something different from the norm and looks great on you and you will feel so proud as you did put them together. So give it a go start trying to put together what you like or what you always wish you could find in the shops but you never do you might or you will surprise yourself in a very good way.

How To Make Skirts Look Great On You


Even though I am a dress addict there are times that skirts win me over. Wearing skirts right will make you look not only good but very stylist. If you are not a skirt person and would like to try check out different styles and am very sure you will come out with a few styles that suits best. Just make sure the cut and the style fits well with your body shape.

Stretchy fabrics are best and comfortable if you choose a pencil skirt and knee length looks great and very classy. You can make your skirts look professional for work by how you style them, there are great skirts to choose from but I would suggest to avoid skater shot skirts. You can also opt to pleated, flared and mid skirts which are fantastic for office and work wear.

There are lots of great and fantastic skirts in places like, very.co.uk, Asos.com, Dorothy Perkins House of Fraser and many other shops just get yourself out there and look for the skirts that complement your body shape before anyone compliments you.

How To Dare You In Fashion-Colour Block At It’s Best


I love, love colour block and more so in Autumn/Winter this makes me retain colour not to look so boring with so called winter colours. So if you are not shy of colour whatever the weather try colour block dresses, and skirts. Always wear what looks good and pleases you not what is in fashion and you will get complimented all the time, so please YOU and the joy will show in how you feel and look.

Try updating your wardrobe by adding colour block pieces, the pieces will take you and look great on you in any weather. You can get great block pieces from TK Maxx, House of Fraser, Asos.com, Amazon.com.

I find animals, birds and butterflies with the best colour block on this planet their colours much so well so whenever possible try and look all around you and you will see the world we live in will direct you how best to do your colour block.

If you want to try colour block its easy, try colours you would never thought of putting together, see what the you in the mirror says if its wow! then your journey to new you have just started, keep discovering you in doing things differently. You will find people will keep saying to you “oh that is nice I would never thought of that, you look great”.



How To Be Bold and Let Youself Shine This Autumn/Winter



Why cant we continue wearing our favourite colours whatever the weather? Why must you be told wear this wear that this is what is in season. Just wear what suits you what looks great on you, when it comes to colours I wear what my heart desires what looks just fine on me and all compliments I have received no one ever askes me what season was that the only question I get is where do you shop your clothes from?.

Sometimes you just need to throw fashion rules out the window and give her (I mean you) what she desires. You will find your true style by listening to her and hearing what the girl in the mirror says back to you. Be bold with fashion and bring out the style in you by dressing you perfect and make your fashion statement.

Dress yourself perfect by co-ordinating fashion trends using your autumn/winter essentials and try mixing up pieces you would have never thought off. And start enjoying this autumn/winter season with a bang.

Dress Me Perfect in Autumn


The Nature colours of autumn are so beautiful and I always wonder why we are told to wear dull colours in autumn and winter while there is so much beauty in nature. Am one of those people who wears soft colours but find black and navy or brown very dull so I always light them up with pink, lemon, lime green, cream and peach.

If you love wearing black, brown then try adding accessories that will show more of your style such as belt, scarf, handbag, jacket and cardigan that has colour and this will definitely make your outfit or dress stand out. And if you are wearing boots match them with them with your outfit, for boots I tend to like black or brown because they would go with all other colours.

These dresses am sharing with you on this blog post are my kind of dress that I find perfect for this autumn weather. You will not need a heavy coat or jacket with this type of fabric and as weather gets cold and we get into winter all you need is winter coat. great with knee length boots and fashion tights and you are ready to go and you can be sure to be complimented on you look for sure.

Layering of textures and pieces you like is a good way to keep warm and still look great for this autumn season. You can find good pieces that are great for most body shapes in House of Fraser, Dorothy Perkins, Asos.com, very.co.uk Amazon.com check out during sales and you will definitely get pieces that will complemented your body before anyone compliments you and the prices are will make you smile.