A Very warm welcome to my new Fashion Blog.

I have always been interested in fashion and always Fashion conscious since I was a little girl especially on dresses and big handbags (Tote as they are known today).

I hope you will join me on this journey and enjoy as I share with YOU the clothes that brought up the idea of starting this Blog. And the Compliments I have received over the years and still do in a very inspiring way which have finally inspired me to start Blogging.

I hope to bring you and share with you:

  • How to put together clothes that will complement your body before anyone else compliments you.
  • How I put together the clothes that get me complimented.
  • Where I find these clothes
  • How I end up buying at very affordable prices and I mean very affordable and compliments keep coming.

What I know and believe for sure, you do not need to break the bank to look GREAT.

pictures 025

My name is Lucy and have been behind the office desk for many years but have finally decided to start doing what I love most, TALK AND TALK AND TALK FASHION. I also love reading fiction books and for the last few years been hooked on motivational books and my all-time favourites Fashion Magazines and Newspapers.

The reason I chose Fashion Compliments as my Blog name is to find a way to communicate with people and say big huge THANK YOU for all the wonderful compliments I have received and share what this means to me, how the compliments have always boosted my morale and put a smile on my face always.

And would very much like to hear what you have to say about the clothes you wear what Fashion excites you and please lets talk about the pieces in our wardrobes we cannot part with or do without.

The only reason I never part or give away a favourite item, it has to be ‘sentimental’, yes for sure some items like watches or jewellery have sentimental attributes but clothes mmm ??not too sure but that’s me. I like buying my clothes, but if for any reason I don’t part with it then you know it was a present from me to me, ya right, please don’t judge, I love giving.

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