Wow Wow Wow! Love, Love the Look x


Its just great to see girls and the young at heart who wear shorts, jumpsuit, leggings wear them well and wear them just right. This young look is always a great look and admirable and stylish and so so beautiful.

Wearing short pieces of clothing whether shorts, mini skirts, dresses it is good to remember the upper part of the body looks great when covered and the same when you wear long dresses, maxi skirts, mid skirts, maxi dresses the upper part of the body looks great when it is shows and a bit revealing doing this complements your look. Try this kind of wear and do exactly that and the girl at the mirror will smile back at you saying wow, wow, wow you look great Girl.

If you find yourself getting compliments from friends, family members, strangers and different people from all walks of life then you know you are doing something right. Always check with the girl in the mirror if she says I love that and you find her checking herself again and saying wow then put your head up and walk like a star you are.

My daughter Dianne loves to wear shorts and I always like how she wears them she knows how to do it just right and what suits her and I always tell her so. When you wear or put on something well that suits and complements your body perfectly you just feel and know it. Start complementing your body today. x


Calling out Cardigan Lovers!!


Hey there cardigan lovers I have now joined your camp. I must say cardigans have never been my kind of thing or wear that I would have given a second thought or think to go shopping for, but lately I have found this piece of wear to be a very stylish casual wear.

You can team up your cardigan long or short to wear with jeans, casual trousers, jeggings or casual dress it is so vestal and wearable and can be a wardrobe piece that can take you from season to season.

Look out for cardigan styles and cardigan designs that suits best you will not go wrong there are so many places where you can shop these different looks. I have been shopping mine in, TK Maxx,, and Dorothy Perkins. These places you can get at very good prices and much better at steal prices during sales.

I have found out that Cardigans will always give you that perfect casual look and the girl next door look. Check out in your favourite shops too am sure you will find something yes a cadi that will give you a wow look and the compliments you deserve. Go on join me and become a cardigan lover!

Start the new year with a more Relaxed You – wear


Nothing is more relaxing than smart casual where you can give a pose with your hands in the pockets and looking just great. It feels soooo good when do don’t have to keep pulling your dress, shorts, pants down or up and thinking is it in place? or have to worry when you sit or bend wondering whether everything is in place.

I find uncomplicated dresses the best to relax in, but there are so many other smart wear that are great to relax in. Shorts, jumpsuit, pants depending on the cut, jumper like dresses that have a unique look.

The best places to find smart relaxing casual smart wear are,, TK Maxx, Amazon, River Island, these are the places I find good pieces at very reasonable and affordable prices, and when on sale you can get great wardrobe pieces at steal prices that will last you season to season.

A few of my favourite Chistmas Day dresses x


How are you with your choice for Christmas day dress? What do you like to wear? I am one of those people who wear what looks best and fits me well not what I am going to buy, if I have something really special in my wardrobe that is what I grab.

I would suggest you wear what locks your world, something that is comfortable complements your body and just looks great on you.

With a few parties still to go, I came up with a few favourite dresses that you will not break a bank to get and treat yourself. And most shops are having great sales with fantastic pieces that you can get for a steal.

You can get gorgeous dresses at this time of the year, remember the sales after Christmas, you might not get your size as we all know it is split for whoever gets there first.

Hey and if you are one of those people who likes just to chill on Christmas day, there are beautiful and very stylish play suits leggings which you can pick your favourite top or jersey.

This is one day in a year pick well enjoy the day dance you life away sing, laugh at yourself and laugh with your loved ones.

Happy Tuesday Lets talk Smart Casual

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I think women look their best and best relaxed when in smart casual. Whatever you prefer whether dresses, skirts or trousers it is how you wear you choice that counts. If you choose a dress, wear it with a perfect blazer, if your choice is skirt the choice of your top must be the right fit to make your look smart casual, and if your choice is trousers make it count by wearing trousers that fit your body perfectly the top must complement your look and give you a wow smart casual look.

These days am always in smart casual and I find people like to compliment me more than when I used to be in formal wear.

Shop well for what you like and give yourself a distinctive look to your personality and improve your mood. You can make smart casual look very sophiscated and be perfect for office and work.

My favourite places to shop for smart casual are,, TK Maxx and River Island. Whatever or wherever you like to shop when shopping for smart casual make sure you complement the pieces well so they get you complimented every time.

Body Con Dress that says move out of the way!

I_186301100_00_20130626I_184722279_00_20130523 There is something really special about body con dresses and it make me go mmmmm wow! If you got it, I mean the body and shape for the body con dress then go girl and walk the walk like you own the world. Body con dresses are made for most women body shapes, the trick is finding the right cut and fabric. If you yes me and others, please check out for stretch fabric and if possible take a size higher. I am size 10 but I find body con dresses fit me well in size 12. Yes not everyone can wear them but if you can, this is one dress that rarely goes out fashion. Pair it up with a pair of court shoes, medium size earrings, and a clutch bag or if you are like me grab a tote handbag depending on where you are going. Body con looks great on most women because they wear the right kind under the dress. Look for the undergarments that will smooth you up and give you a wow silhouette then get your body con dress on and ask the girl in the mirror, if the she gives compliments and adds wow! then go rule the world.  

The kind of Dress I never get over


I have loved this kind of dress from the time I knew that am girl and love dresses. There is something about some type of dresses that just makes you feel feminine, stylish and just the girl next door.

The cut, the style, the fit, it is just beautiful , every time I wear this type of dress compliments come from all corners. I find when am not sure what to wear this is the dress I will always reach out for.

When travelling this is the best dress wear and the best kind of dresses to take for holiday no creases, very easy maintenance, no ironing and it just “makes you feel like woman!”.  Its best to wear when meeting up the girls for coffee , a light date or when you just want to chill and feel feminine.

My best places to shop for dresses is,, TK Maxx.